Male Wieland/Harting (Pin Side)
Male Wieland/Harting (Pin Side)
Female Wieland/Harting (Pin Socket Side)
Female Wieland/Harting (Pin Socket Side)


Heavily used in Australia/NZ for single chain hoist control cables. 500V rated connectors with cast metal shells and retaining clip for connector retention. Combines 3-Phase and low-voltage fixed speed control into one connector. Normally uses screw terminals inside the connector, but crimp versions for high cycle connections are available.

Pin Connection
1 Phase 1
2 Phase 2
3 Phase 3
4 Control Common – Voltage varies between hoist manufacturers (24-110v)
5 Up – Includes upper limit switch
6 Down – Includes lower limit switch
PE Equipment Earth

Part Numbers

Part Amphenol Wieland
Inline Shell (Retention pins) C146 10G006 601 1 70.352.0635.0
Inline Shell (Retention Clip) C146 10G006 805 1 70.372.0635.0
Terminal Insert Male C146 10A006 102 1 70.310.0640.0
Terminal Insert Female C146 10B006 102 1 70.300.0640.0
Chassis Thru-Mount (Retention Pins) N/A 70.320.0628.0 (Removable Clip)
Chassis Thru-Mount (Retention Clip) C146 10F006 000 1 70.320.0628.0