AVIO Plugin

PosiStageNet, or PSN is an ethernet based stage positioning data protocol.

Developed by VYV™ and MA Lighting™ as a way of communicating physical position data between media servers and lighting consoles in an entertainment setting.

ShadowControls has recently integrated the PSN protocol onto small microcontrollers for advanced integrations tasks.
As a successful proof of concept, we have developed a simple trackball that can translate the X,Y from the trackball encoders into position data that can direct moving lights to form a functional virtual followspot system.
The possibilities of this data are endless, with more equipment supporting the protocol, the usage will only become more creative.

A second project that is in its first beta stage, but still fully functional, is writing a custom PSN driver in Lua for AVStumpfl™’s AVIO platform.
This driver is now open to usage by anyone, shared on GitHub.